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April Sayre’s Book If You Should Hear a Honey Guide

…when the honey guide lands on

a distant bush, rock, or tree, follow

where she leads.

When she flies to the top

of a hill overlooking a herd

of elephants, follow.

Carefully carry your lighted stick.

Do not drop embers where

they may burn.

Follow the honey guide as she leads you through the African landscape to a sweet rewared. Symbiosis, Africa, birds, zebras, bees, and honey all show up in this award-winning nonfiction picture book about the honey guide, a unique bird that has an extraordinary relationship with people.

Also available in a French edition: L’oiseau a Miel, Archimede publishing, Paris.

Awards & Recognition
  • One of the Best Books 1995, School Library Journal
  • A Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies for 1996
  • A Book of Special Note, Kirkus Review
  • A Notable Book for Children 1995, Smithsonian
  • ohn Burroughs Award List for Outstanding Books for Children, 1995
  • "...the outstanding natural history title for 1995." - Smithsonian magazine
  • "...a magical blend of story and nonfiction." - School Library Journal
  • "With outstanding care and restraint, Sayre introduces this unusual bird and tells the story of symbiosis in a spare poetic text that is also exciting for reading aloud... An attractive, surprising, and useful volume." - Kirkus Reviews Pointer Review
  • "If You Should Hear a Honey Guide (Houghton) sets children dreaming of adventure in faraway places. April Pulley Sayre begins 'If you should be in the wild bush lands of the country of Kenya, on the continent of Africa, and you should hear a call...Weet-err, weet, err! be joyous. Shout Kumbe! to the heavens.' I wanted to shout it over and over as the children and I followed the remarkable bird around snakes, lions, elephants, and crocodiles to the honey tree in S.D. Schindler's glowing paintings and Sayre's wonderful text." - Robert D. Hale, who in a Horn Book article chose If You Should Hear a Honey Guide as one of his ten favorite read-aloud children's books for 1995.
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