Thursday, April 25, 2019

April Sayre’s Book Put On Some Antlers And Walk Like a Moose

Do you know a raccoon

by its smell? A deer by

its tracks? The difference

between the call of a tree

frog and the call of a bird?

To find animals, many field

scientists work like detectives,

looking for natural clues.

A middle grade nonfiction book about field scientists and how they study animals.

Awards & Recognition
  • "I loved this book! It's exciting and interesting and draws the reader in with dramatic anecdotes and humor about the study of all sorts of wildlife in their natural habitats...." - Appraisal: Science Books for Young People
  • "This lively and informative book will be an excellent resource for budding naturalists." - * Starred review, School Library Journal
  • "Field science...the tedium, the mess, the danger, the excitement, and the simple enjoyment of exercising one's presented here, along with all of the issues scientists must weigh in their work." - Booklist
  • "Such interesting and often amusing anecdotes, along with Sayre's expert knowledge of animals studies, reveal the unique challenges facing field researchers...The author's enthusiasm will undoubtedly spark the interest of a new generation of Dian Fosseys and Jane Goodalls." - Book Talk, The Magazine for Elementary School Librarians
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April Sayre’s Book Put On Some Antlers And Walk Like a Moose
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Grade Range:
4 to 8
Publish Date:
Twenty-First Century Books, now part of Millbrook


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