Wednesday, November 20, 2019

April Sayre’s Book Army Ant Parade

Fee-few a bird calls.

Shapes flutter. Flies buzz.

These are good signs. Hope

for more. Tuck your pant legs

into your socks. Be bold and quiet.

And look for birds with blue-ringed


Army ants, tropical forests, and symbiosis play into this suspenseful insect picture book. Enjoy the Panamanian parade! This book is based on our real experiences in ant swarms in Panama.

Awards & Recognition
  • "The you-are-there approach has the tingly immediacy to keep kids riveted, and young nature buffs will cautiously shake out their pants legs and ask for more." -Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
  • "Sayre (Shadows, below, etc.) finds more wonder than menace in the march of army ants across a tropical rain forest's floor...Children may still prefer to appreciate army ants from a safe distance-and these pages are a fine way to do that." -Kirkus
  • "I read Army Ant Parade last night to my son and it was amazing! I pulled it down from the nonfiction stacks without even looking inside, so my expectations were of a simple, straightforward book explaining the life cycle of ants. Instead, I got a beautiful, exciting poem that held me and my son (who started out the reading jumping on the bed but ended up squatting as he leaned over the book while I read) spellbound through the end. Thank you for writing such a great book." -S. Borden, parent
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April Sayre’s Book Army Ant Parade
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Grade Range:
K to 3
Publish Date:
Henry Holt & Co.


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