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April Sayre’s Book Shadows

A ball and its shadow

fall and meet,

rolling to my shadow’s feet.

We outline shadows

with a piece of chalk.

But later they’ve moved

On the hot sidewalk.

Awards & Recognition
  • Sayre offers a poetic text that follows a pair of children through an action-filled day at the beach and a park as they investigate all sorts of shadows.. .Though the text is playful and short, it actually imparts quite a bit of scientific information, including an idea for a simple experiment outlining shadows on the playground with chalk...A first choice for larger public library collections and school libraries, this work outshines Robert Louis Stevenson's "My Shadow," the standard poem on the subject. -Kirkus
  • "From the beach to the ballfield and back again, a boy and girl search for shadows on a sunny summer day in Sayre's (The Hungry Hummingbird) warm-hearted ode to friendship and the simple pleasures of the season . . ." - Publisher's Weekly
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April Sayre’s Book Shadows
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Grade Range:
K to 3
Publish Date:
Spring, 2002
Henry Holt


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