Saturday, July 20, 2019

April Sayre’s Book Our Amazing Continents series

Antarctica is the coldest continent.
Its land is very high. Antarctica
is Earth’s highest continent.
Antarctica is icy. Ice forms
in the middle of the continent.
The ice slowly slides from the
continent’s center to the sea.

A photo-illustrated introduction to climate and landscape for grades 1-4.   

These books have been a huge hit with teachers. No other books on continents offer simple, read-aloud text for the youngest children along with additional, smaller-text facts to spark the curiosity of older readers.

G’Day, Australia! ISBN 0-7613-2122-5
Good Morning, Africa! ISBN 0-7613-2121-7
Greetings, Asia! ISBN 0-7613-2124-1
Hello, Europe! ISBN 0-7613-2151-9
Hooray for Antarctica! ISBN 0-7613-2152-7
South America, Surprise! ISBN 0-7613-2123-3
Welcome to North America! ISBN 0-7613-2150-0

For older students, see April’s continent series “The Seven Continents” for grades 5-8.

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