Our Amazing Continents series

A photo-illustrated introduction to climate and landscape for grades 1-4.   

These books have been a huge hit with teachers. No other books on continents offer simple, read-aloud text for the youngest children along with additional, smaller-text facts to spark the curiosity of older readers.

G’Day, Australia! ISBN 0-7613-2122-5
Good Morning, Africa! ISBN 0-7613-2121-7
Greetings, Asia! ISBN 0-7613-2124-1
Hello, Europe! ISBN 0-7613-2151-9
Hooray for Antarctica! ISBN 0-7613-2152-7
South America, Surprise! ISBN 0-7613-2123-3
Welcome to North America! ISBN 0-7613-2150-0

For older students, see April’s continent series “The Seven Continents” for grades 5-8.

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