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April Sayre’s Book The Bumblebee Queen

The bumblebee queen

begins the spring

below ground and all alone.

She digs out. She flies.

Hungry, she seeks flowers.

She drinks nectar with

her long hairy tongue.

A native bee, the bumblebee. takes a starring role in this nonfiction picture book about the bumblebee’s life cycle and natural history. Learn how a queen bumblebee digs out of the ground and starts her year all alone yet builds a colony by summer’s end.

Patricia is a highly skilled scientific illustrator. This book has been a big hit for elementary read alouds. Young children enjoy learning about small creatures such as the fuzzy bumblebees. Educators particularly like the tidbits of information in the small sidebars on each page.

Standards are here.  

Awards & Recognition
  • Winner, John Burroughs Award
  • "The Bumblebee Queen is a captivating picture book for children ages 3-8...The book supports National Science Education Content Standards for structure and function and life cycles." -NSTA Recommends
  • "Engaging watercolors keep time with a simple, easy-to-read text describing the life cycle of a bumblebee queen..." Review by Patricia Manning. -School Library Journal
  • "...this makes nourishing fare for young observers of nature." -Kirkus Reviews
  • "This is an exemplary natural history book for young children. I recommend it to everyone." -Science Books and Films
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    […] Check it out! Kids did a bumblebee study that was published in a major science journal, Science. Article about their article here. Yes, I’m still following bumblebee news, to share it with those of you reading and creating materials to go with my book, The Bumblebee Queen. […]

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Grade Range:
K to 3
Publish Date:
Spring, 2005


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