Children’s Book Author and Illustrator Sites

Please e-mail me if you are an author/illustrator with a site that suits the elementary school audience and you would like your site considered for inclusion in the next update.
Elaine Marie Alphin

Barbara Haworth-Attard

Barbara Bash


Haemi Balgassi

Franny Billingsley

Mary Bowman-Kruhm

Sara Jane Boyers

Karleen Bradford

Toni Buzzeo

Janie Bynum

Mary Casanova

Randy Cecil

Carolyn Crimi

Peter Cumming

Katie Davis

Marianne Dyson

Kathleen Duey

Helen Frost

April Young Fritz

Judith Harlan

Linda Oatman High

Esther Hirschenhorn

Jeanette Ingold

Ellen Jackson  

Helen Ketteman

Jackie French Koller

Jane Kurtz

Bruce Langton

Valerie Lewis

Dandi Daley Mackall

JoAnn Early Macken

Carolyn Marsden


Elsa Marston

Carmela Martino

Jacqueline Briggs Martin

Carol Matas

Walter the Giant Mayes

Debbie Miller

Wendie Old

Alexis O’Neill

Trip Park

Dian Curtis Regan

Mary Ann Rodman

Coleen Salley

April Pulley Sayre

Lola Schaefer

Janni Simner

Cynthia L. Smith

Melissa Stewart

Michael Thorn

Maxine Trottier

Mary Dodson Wade

Lee Wardlaw

Rick Walton

Kay Winters

Gretchen Woelfle

Jane Yolen

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