What’s New 2006


In 2006 STARS BENEATH YOUR BED won a big award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. It was in conjunction with Science Books and Films and Subaru. Jeff and I traveled to St. Louis to accept the award for Best Science Picture Book of the year!

The ceremony and entire weekend gave us a chance to meet terrific educators, authors, reviewers, and scientists. It really was one of the highlights of my career.

The Bumblebee Queen won the John Burroughs Award for nature nonfiction for kids. Hurray!

In 2006 I visited many of you at schools and conferences in Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, and Texas. I loved presenting to teachers and librarians at ISRA, CYPD of ILA, Purdue Literacy Conference, the Picture Perfect Science Workshop in Ohio, and other events. We enjoyed visiting schools and relatives in Winchester, VA. We slipped in a visit to the Dismal Swamp while out on the coast. Look for a whale book that may come out of a chance meeting with a photographer when I was whale watching near Boston! On our San Antonio trip Jeff and I witnessed the amazing Snout butterfly migration. We love Texas and have so many other things to see and people to visit next time!

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