Wednesday, January 22, 2020

April Sayre’s Book Hush Little Puppy

Hush, little puppy,

don’t you bark.

It’s time to sleep,

it’s growing dark.

Hush Little Puppy is a fictional bedtime picture book illustrated by Susan Winter.

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Awards & Recognition
  • "With soothing phrases, the boy keeps tucking the puppy back in its dog bed, alternating with remembrances of their busy day spent splashing in a creek, chasing sticks, and playing in the mud." Kirkus Reviews
  • "April Pulley Sayre puts a charming twist on a classic lullaby....The soothing rhythm of this bedtime story will calm any young creature who may be reluctant to call it a day." Bob Walch, Monterey Bay Bookwatch
  • "the cover picture of boy and dog asleep will grab young preschoolers, as will the rhymes that tell a sweet pet story along with the lullaby." Hazel Rochman, Booklist
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Grade Range:
K to 2
ISBN 0-8050-7102-4
Publish Date:
Henry Holt


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