Libraries and Media Specialists: the Hearts of Schools

One of the things I love about school visits is meeting the extraordinary media specialists who help bring books into children’s lives. A school library, well supported, can be the heart of a school. In schools with great media specialists, where libraries are appreciated, the library is not only a resource for knowledge, it’s an engine that feeds joy, natural curiosity, and a love of learning. The supportive, welcoming atmosphere created by a great library/media specialist spills out of the library, enriching the whole school. The same is true of public library media specialists, whose influence soaks into the surrounding community.
Here is a gallery of some of the creative things media specialists do to celebrate author visits and spice up book talks.

Debbie Maddox, Pelham Road Elementary, SC
spent a lot of time sharing my books before my visit.

Pam Rone, of Niagara Elementary in KY, sponsored a pasta art contest and an Italian banquet to celebrate with the winners. Wow!

Principals get into the act, too, at Boone Grove Elementary in Indiana!

Michele Kolodij of Trumansburg Elementary School, NY has an awesome discovery center, connected to the library, where kids study science in a hands-on way. They studied turtles before my visit. Fantastic!

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