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April Sayre’s Book Trout Are Made of Trees

In fall, trees let go of leaves,

which swirl and twirl

and slip into streams.

They ride in a rush

above rocks

and over rapids.

They snag and

settle soggily down.

Bacteria feed on the leaves…

How can a leaf become a fish? Join two young children and two adults to find out, as they observe life in and around a stream.¬†Energetic collage art and simple, lyrical text depict the ways plants and animals are connected in the food web. Back matter provides information about the trout life cycle as well as conservation efforts that kids can do themselves.¬†It’s a natural choice for Earth Day.

Kate Endle has done a great job of illustrating this book with a bright, rich collage of paper and fabric. It reminds me of beautiful quilt art. I think Kirkus Reviews best understood the art. They said, “The illustrations, done in mixed-media collage, are a testament to the fact that wondrous new things can be created out of the pieces of other things, and thus, they reinforce the theme of interconnectedness…”

This book would be a great tie-in to Trout, Trout, Trout, a Fish Chant. See below for instructions on entering the contest related to this book.

See standards here.

Awards & Recognition
  • Nominated for a 2011 Grand Canyon Reader Award!
  • "The food web relationships in a deciduous forest ecosystem are set in the approachable context of a fall camping trip." -Horn Book
  • "Elementary school children will be intrigued by this lavishly illustrated and vibrant telling of the trout's life history." -Science News
  • "...Alliterative verse zips to the point as it describes the tiny aquatic creatures that eat the leaves and begin a consumption cycle." -Publishers Weekly
  • "A veteran science-book writer introduces the idea of the food chain in this attractive picture book." -Stephanie Zvirin, Booklist
  • \"An unusual blend of narrative, poetry, and science, this is an appealing introduction to the food web.\" -Kirkus Reviews
  • \"The book is aligned with the National Science Education Standards (Content Standard C: Life Science) and would be an excellent addition to a primary teacher\'s classroom library. This book is truly a delight, and the author is commended for presenting a complex topic at a level appropriate for young students.\" -NSTA Recommends
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Grade Range:
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Publish Date:
Spring, 2008


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