Trout Are Made of Trees Activities

Trout Are Made of Trees 

I have teamed up with Charlesbridge publishing, the publisher of this book, and created the Be a Stream Hero contest. The winner of the contest wins a school visit from me.

In fact, in honor of Trout Are Made of Trees, Charlesbridge publishing staff spent a day cleaning up the Charles river! This was featured in Publisher’s Weekly. But here’s a few photos of the day on their blog:

A good book to tie in with Trout Are Made of Trees is Jim Arnosky’s The Brook Book: exploring the smallest streams.

For older readers, I have heard about but not read a novel written by the great Jean Craighead George: The Case of the Missing Cutthroats (Ecological Mystery) paperback. Perhaps some older fish-loving readers might enjoy this one, which has to do with habitats and native fish.  It’s older but was re-released in paperback.

Here’s an organization, River of Words that has a yearly contest for kids’ creative writing about nature. In 2008-2009, the contest is about watersheds!

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