Yoga for Writers and Other Sore Computer Bodies


Being a writer can be perilous. Hours poring over books and sitting at the computer take a toll on our bodies. Our bodies are made to move, to climb trees and walk through forests and swim in rivers. They just don’t work so hot when they sit in chairs. 


My personal solutions are walking and doing yoga. (Not at the same time.) Here are my favorite yoga DVDs. I take them with me when I travel so I can play them on my laptop and do yoga in the hotel room. You can click through to buy them in my store, if you like. It goes to Amazon. 


Yoga Conditioning for Women, Suzanne Deason

This smooth, beautiful DVD moves quickly and gives only minimal instruction. But it has a lot of balance postures that are accessible and fun for a beginner.  I bumbled along and wisely did not do moves that were beyond my reach. I have probably done this one about 500 times. Beautiful photography, good voice and music. I found it good for learning yoga because for the first couple of years I would have rebelled against anything slower or more thoughtful. But now, with the other DVDs I have listed, I am “filling in” my knowledge of those postures on this DVD and still find it enjoyable.  


Yoga For Inflexible People

by Body Wisdom

This DVD will teach you the minute posture adjustments you need to do each pose well. It’s great for home learning. It’s also good to begin recovery if you are inflexible or are injured. You seem to not be moving but it’s still a workout. It has entire workouts on the floor or in a chair. I used this to recover once after I broke ribs coughing from whooping cough.  Warning: this is sloooooow yoga.  


Power Yoga for Every Body Barbara Benagh

This is a favorite of mine, especially the sequences about flexibility and strength. Benagh has a terrific sun salutation series that you can do with a chair if the usual sun salutation is too much for  you. It’s much more logical for my body. Also, she slowly, slowly moves you into upward facing dog. I’m on my way to dog, but not there yet . . . 


Around the cooking fire:

A local yoga teacher, Machelle Lee,, 

pointed out to me that a large percentage of the world used to spend most of its time squatting—around fires, cooking, on the ground, picking berries or preparing foods. Yet, with the advent of chairs, most of us never squat. Perhaps it would be better if our backs if we did. It stretches feet, backs, calves, and so many other parts. Just be gentle if you try it for the first time in decades. 🙂 Machelle suggested maybe spend a few minutes squatting while playing a game or watching T.V. It really relieves pressure.


Finally, understand why your body works how it does

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Paul and Suzee Grilley

Check his slideshow with the images of bones. Shows the variations in human bone structure and why some yoga postures look different in different folks…our bodies fit together slightly differently. No wonder some of us can’t do splits and others find them easy!

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