Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Bloggers and Books

My Google Alerts account lets me know when bloggers mention my books.  Today you can see the blog of a librarian recommending books, and the blog of the illustrator of Bird, Bird, Bird. He has a preliminary sketch from the book on his site. Go see it!

Twelve Days of Giving: Big Kids Read Picture Books, Too!
By Abby(Abby) 
April Pulley Sayre has created some books perfect for animal lovers. With really silly illustrations and a great rhythmic text, the books are equally fun to read and look at. Hand Bird, Bird Bird: A Chirping Chant to your young 
Abby (the) Librarian –


fly catcher sketch & final
By Gary Locke(Gary Locke) 
Northward books……BIRD BIRD BIRD, Written by April Pulley Sayre…….scissor-tailed flycatcher, stint, stilt, stork.


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