Reaching teachers at . . . um . . . rest!

What is funnier—the fact that the enterprising librarian at Hickory Elementary advertised my books and author visits above the toilet paper and soap in the teacher restroom, or the fact that I thought it was so funny I took a picture of it?

Really, teachers have NO time to read memos in their inboxes. 

Visiting Hickory was great fun. The questions from the crowd were creative. I enjoyed having a precious lunch meeting with motivated authors. They were working on some insightful, promising nonfiction and fiction. 

Most of the questions were about the writing process. One young author asked whether I listened to music while I wrote, because my work was so rhythmic. 

For the first time ever, an earnest audience member asked what I like on my pizza. Hmm…veggie, no onion, thin crust, olives, red bell peppers if possible.  There were many important nods of recognition to this pizza order. You never know what will bond you to your audience.

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