Nancy Keane, Queen of Book Talkers?

Okay, so I didn’t know until recently what book talks were. But I visit gobs of schools and so many librarians have told me about Nancy Keane that I had to look her up. Apparently she does fabulously entertaining workshops in which you learn about all the new books. She also has a site with lots of book talks on it. These are intro material/pitches you use to introduce books to students.  To find even more, buy her book or attend her workshops. At least that is what numerous librarians have told me. 

Nancy Keane’s Booktalks

The reason I am learning about booktalks is that I am…um…giving one as part of a nonfiction book talk session at ALA this summer!

There are already booktalks for three of my books on Nancy’s site. Some of the booktalks were contributed by others, not just Nancy.

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