School Walks Its Way to Educational Success

My favorite educational technique of the week? Taking a walk!  Lima-Brighton Elementary students and teachers start every school day with a brisk, peppy, 10-minute walk. Outdoors if it’s good weather. I visited on an indoor day, when they were playing fun music and walking the halls. Each classroom walks together in a loose pack. The halls were filled with smiles and such a sense of fun and energy.

I see so many students dragged down, barely awake in classrooms all over America. Yes, that has to do with sleep deprivation and lack of Lose Weight Exercise. Schools can’t provide a good night’s sleep and total nutrition. But they can pep up the educational process with a morning walk. Why doesn’t every school do this? It costs nothing. Ten minutes from the school day can make the rest of the minutes so much more productive.

March 31st through April 3rd I visited Landis Elementary in Logansport, Lima-Brighton in Howe, Parkside Elementary in LaGrange, and Lakeland Elem in Wolcottville.



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