Special Moments: Writers’ Group

   Val Byrd Fort, media specialist at New Providence Elementary fixed up these great invitations sent to students chosen for a special small group writers’ chat with me. This is a new event I started offering in addition to my traditional large group talks at schools late this school year. I met with only about 12 students each time. And oh, the joy of it! The young writers I met were intelligent, creative, and impassioned. They shared their work. I shared writing tips and responses. Mostly, we talked as the writers we all are. We talked about structure, detail, and voice in our work. We talked about the frustration of having a great idea just as one is trying to go to sleep. We talked about the surge of inspiration and problem of having too many ideas at once. Regardless of age or grade level, we are working on the craft of writing. We are channeling our best selves into our work.

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