Vulture View Flies in Portland, Oregon

Imitating Vulture Wings“We LOVE your stories. I am obessed with the story Vulture View, and built a whole lesson around it, teaching kids all sorts of weird stuff about the adaptations of vultures. We even built our own models of carrion and hid them around the forest while the vultures (my co-teacher and I) hunted for them! It was one of the best lessons we’ve taught and really stuck with the kids.”

This quote is from Chrissy Larson, the teacher Balsam of the Nuts about Nature Preschool run by the   Portland Environmental Education Department. She wrote to me this week. Below are some photos she took of her activities.1) The teachers and kids create some appropriately gooey looking “carrion”


2) The kids make vulture shapes and attach them to paper airplanes.

nan vulture planes 6

3) They practice soaring like vultures. Notice the proper vulture wing posture of the kids in the photo! (See first photo.)

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