Education Student University Presentation

Education student Jamie Steigerwalt recently wrote to me about what she presented in class as part of an author/book study. With her permission, I’m reprinting it here.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how my presentation went last night. Everything went well and my class was very excited to hear about you.  I must admit, it was so easy to talk about you and your books.  I chose to do my activities on Hush Little Puppy, Stars Beneath Your Bed, and Splish, Splash, Animal Baths.  I did a phonics activity with Hush Little Puppy and focused on rhyming.  I made rhyming charts and students would have to match pictures on one side of the chart with its rhyme on the other side.  I attached yarn to one side and had velcro on the other side for the yarn to be attached.  I did a word study activity for Stars Beneath Your Bed and picked vocabulary from within the book.  I then used fun foam and cut star shapes and on one star I wrote the vocabulary word and another star contained a picture.  The students would then flip over all the stars and play a memory game to match the picture with the word.  My last activity was a comprehension activity with Splish, Splash, Animal Baths.  Students would fill out a KWL chart using this book.   Before the students read the book they would write what the already Know about animal baths.  Then they would write what they Want to know about animal baths.  After reading the book, students would record what they learned about animal baths.

I really enjoyed reading your books to prepare for my presentation and it was wonderful researching your background and getting to know more about you.  You definitely seem very passionate about what you write about and that is so exciting.  I really enjoyed planning classroom activities using your books.  Also, to motivate my class and engage them in the lesson I told them we were going to take a trip to Panama and I followed that with reading Army Ant Parade.  This really grabbed everyone’s attention and gave them a sense of your writing style before I even started my presentation.

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