Fruit and Veggie Links

Just beginning to research veggie links that might be useful for classrooms/educators. Here are a few. Feel free to suggest more

Growing Chefs
Food Education from Field to Farm
Founded by Annie Novak, co-founder of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm. Offers gardening, workshops, consulting, education. Based in NYC.
For those extra vegetables, a little creative entertainment, the Vegetable Orchestra! Good for appreciating the physical characteristics, qualities of various vegetable textures and shapes.
The following site has quite a lot of downloadable veggie activities.  It is produced by Produce for Better Health Foundation, an industry organization that is supported by large companies in the produce and food business. It also has information on healthier vending machine options, such as fruit.

General Articles
“Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthy Foods” by Linda Larson

Cool layouts for vegetable gardens

Articles about research:

Eating vegetables, fruits as children linked to healthier arteries as adults.

Increasing children’s acceptance of vegetables; a randomized trial of parent-led exposure.

Children’s Vegetable Intake LInked to Popeye Cartoons.

Children ate twice as many veggies if they were given a funny name.

* Okay, personally, I think you don’t need to change the name, just have fun with real names, a la Rah, Rah, Radishes. But that’s just my nonfiction take on things…

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