What’s Hiding in Go, Go, Grapes: a Fruit Chant

Try hunting for these vegetables, words, and objects that appear in the photos with fruit.

A red checkered tablecloth

A molcajete, a large stone version of a mortar and pestle. I bought this one at El Paraiso, a small grocery featuring items for Mexican recipes. I also bought the guavas there.

Cactus pads, which are not the fruits, but leaves, of a cactus plant

Hanging scale

The Spanish word “piña” which means pineapple.

A half bushel of corn

Yellow tomatoes and green tomatoes

Two honeydew melons

Roma tomatoes

The word “Niagara”


Really hard to find:

At least 40 onions

A half bushel of tomatoes

Jalapeño peppers

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