Thursday, December 12, 2019

Touch A Butterfly Wildlife Gardening Resources

It’s almost fated to happen. Every time I go to press, I find a flood of books/websites, and the like, which I wish I’d known about so I could include them in my resource section.  Usually, when I’m writing a book, I spend time on my own text and the science and interviews underlying it. I don’t worry much about looking sideways into what other resources are in the field. I just share what gems have come my way…those go-to books that have nurtured me over the years. That, alas, probably misses some more recent ones.

In wildlife gardening, there are so many goodies!  Like this  book I came across:

Birdscaping the Midwest: a Guide to Gardening with Native Plants to Attract Birds by Mariette Nowak. Itchy Cat Press, Blue Mounds, WI, 2007. She has lots of terrific charts, plant lists for a variety of creatures. It’s a perfect complement to my book which, by design, had to be more general about recommendations because it was going nationwide. If you’re ready to dig in to midwest, check out this book.

On a tangent, Jeff and I just visited Blue Mounds briefly to take photos for the field guide he is co-authoring with Kenn Kaufman. So, now I can imagine what a beautiful habitat this little production press inhabits. A good origin, for sure!  Bravo, Ms. Nowak, for your hard work in this field! Hoping many fields of native plants result…


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