Friday, November 15, 2019

To Love a Toad

Just publishing one of my poems here because. Because why not put it out there? Just dug it out of a little corner, forgotten, of my computer file pile. There are so many poems stuck in there like scraps of paper.

April Pulley Sayre


To Love a Toad


To love a toad

is to love all manner of wartiness

and melded colors

and cool air that hovers

near mud and shade.

To love a toad

is to laugh on rainy days

at slip slap soundings

to shake your head,

to raindrop fling.

To love a toad

is to kneel knee dirty un caring

to sup with slugs and creature crawl

to watch where you step

in case the toads trust too far.

To dig gently

just in case

a toad’s at home.


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