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April Sayre’s Book Touch a Butterfly: Wildlife Gardening With Kids

“In a world where people who love nature can get tired out with news and statistics, the wildlife garden is a place where we restore ourselves and nature.”

Turn your garden into a hummingbird hotspot, a haven for butterflies, and a thriving ecosystem. This family-friendly guide is my most personal book yet, sharing the wildlife gardening knowledge that Jeff and I have gained over the years. By reading it we hope you will begin to see your yard from an animal’s perspective; discover plants that attract colorful birds and bugs; embrace sensory experiences that native plants and creatures bring; and understand how your yard fits into the surrounding landscape.


Awards & Recognition
  • "Sayre provides valuable, accessible insight into developing a garden suffused with wildlife such as birds, lizards, turtles, butterflies, and even quail and hummingbirds....Throughout, Sayre's upbeat, encouraging tone and clarity are ideal for a project as potentially overwhelming as creating an intricate garden space with kids involved." -Foreword Review
  • "There is enough basic horticultural advice on soil testing, planting, and composting to get the youngest gardeners going." -Publishers Weekly
  • "Touch a Butterfly is not your garden-variety gardening book. Through writing that is both soothing and stimulating, April Pulley Sayre offers memorable ways families can welcome and nurture wildlife in their backyards." -Ellen Lambeth, executive editor, Ranger Rick magazine
  • "If I had only one book to give as a gift to a new parent, this would be the book." -Sharon Lovejoy, author of Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Books: Gardening Together With Children
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April Sayre’s Book Touch a Butterfly: Wildlife Gardening With Kids
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Grade Range:
adult nonfiction
978-1-59030-917-9 softcover only
Publish Date:
April 23, 2013
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