Sea Turtles and StoryWalk at Essex

It’s been such a busy year that I’m only now getting around to reporting on some of the terrific places I’ve visited. In February I was greeted by giant sea turtles at Essex Elementary in VT, where I met a kindred spirit, librarian Carol Scrimgeour. We could have talked together for days and days!  I also got to meet Anne Ferguson, originator of the trademarked StoryWalk concept. Somebody give this woman a grant! She’s already doing so much on a thrifty New England budget of birthday money and small donations but seriously, she’s getting families outdoors all over the state. They are walking, reading together, and enjoying the outdoors. She lends the trails to communities. Here she’s made one out of Rah, Rah, Radishes. She’s even written to Michelle Obama to put one such trail in the White House Vegetable Garden. Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing ever?

I loved how Carol helped the young kids understand how I was getting to their school!
I loved how Carol helped the young kids understand how I was getting to their school!
Full sized three dimensional turtles, made of paper, stuffed for roundness, and signed by all the kids, led me to the library. I only wish I could have fit a turtle in my bag to take home!
Carol had a special connection with sea turtles and helped kids think about them through her display and a special fossilized turtle bone!
Here I am (on left) with Anne Ferguson of StoryWalk and extraordinary librarian Carol Scrimgeour. We are holding a story trail made from Rah, Rah, Radishes.
This school, with it wonderful staff and joyful, inquisitive kids, thrilled me, dare I say, to my bones! No, this is not my bone. It’s a turtle bone, folks!

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