Funding Author Visits to Schools

Where do schools find funds for author visits?

P.T.O.s, Title I funds, local businesses, state arts councils, library funds, magazine sales, book fairs, Fall festivals, bequests, principal gifts . . . . the sources are diverse. 

One school I visited raised funds by auctioning off the primo parking spot in front of the school to a parent each year so they could pull in easily and comfortably! The parking spot had a special sign. 

In conjunction with one visit I did, a local Rotary Club provided funds to give each student a paperback book.

Here is a link to a list of funding sources for school visits and other library activities:

Here is information on a visit award

Maureen Hayes

Author/Illustrator Visit Award was established with funding from Simon &

Schuster Children’s Publishing. The award honors Maureen Hayes life-long

effort to make such visits a reality.  The award provides up to $4,000 towards

the honorarium and travel costs of a writer/illustrator to visit a location

where children might otherwise never have this amazing opportunity.  Applicant

must be an ALSC member, work in conjunction with other organizations, and be

able to supply administrative support, facilities and visibly promote this

presentation as a distinctive event.  

For more information visit the ALSC website