Vultures and Science Soar in Middletown, OH

Thanks to super science teacher Bobette Owen (on the right in the photo), I visited Miller Ridge Elementary on Feb 12, 2009.  The students were great! I love that they have so much science in this school. Just look at how Ms. Owen combined science with writing and poetry. In honor of my book Vulture View (illustrated by Steve Jenkins and published by Henry Holt) her students wrote vulture list poems!

Interested in vultures? Buzzard Day in Hinckley, Ohio is coming up on March 15, 2009.

Comparing Turkeys and Turkey Vultures

These Hamilton Traditional School students explored what they knew about turkeys and turkey vultures. 

Language fun with Crocodile Listens and the chant books

This amazing teacher worked with her students to put together a Thanksgiving-appropriate story using the structure of Crocodile Listens. See what happens when turkey listens!

They also created a turkey chant using the chant books as a structural element.  Mrs Schwartz is clearly an extraordinary teacher.