Ants, Vultures, and Compost Curricula, Lexington SC Schools

A few more photos from Lexington School District in SC. I was there for 9 days of talks including a weekend READ Fest, a community event put on by the extraordinary school librarians of this district.

Having fun with scale!

One of the things I talk about a lot in presentations is scale. Here’s a fun art project to look at crocodile scale. Oh, and the food is not for the crocodile. The Hamilton students were collecting food for the hungry. They were stacking around the length of the building in order to reach their goal. 



Crocodile in full scale!
Crocodile in full scale!

Trout Are Made of Trees Sound and Sequence Activity

Here is an activity shared by author/educator Shirley Smith Duke, who presented it at the NAEYC Conference in Dallas in Nov 2008 in her 6+Traits session with author Anastasia Suen. Thank you Shirley and Anastasia!
Trout are Made of Trees
Small to large, sequence
Using sounds.
Make a list of the sound words. Have the students practice making the sounds. Read the story and have the children make the sounds. Choose their favorite sound and write sentences about other things that could make that same or similar sound.
For older students, make a list of the steps in the food chain portrayed in the book together. Write a paragraph explaining the steps in this food chain and showing the relationship of each step. Then have the students write in additional sound effects. Have them try to make up different ones than those used in the book. Challenge them to spell the sound effect.
sequence graphic; time order
Shirley Smith Duke, author of:
No Bows! Peachtree, 2006 

Fish Activities for Trout, Trout, Trout and Trout Are Made of Trees