Ants, Vultures, and Compost Curricula, Lexington SC Schools

A few more photos from Lexington School District in SC. I was there for 9 days of talks including a weekend READ Fest, a community event put on by the extraordinary school librarians of this district.

Hamilton School Digs Into Literacy and Science

Turkey Chant Using Breeds of Turkeys!

In Nov, 2008 I had a wonderful visit to Hamilton Traditional School in South Bend, IN. Curriculum leader Marcia LaBelle brought me in.  The school was decked with creative art and writing related to my books. Classrooms I visited were doing in-depth writing, using some of my books as structural models. Continue reading “Hamilton School Digs Into Literacy and Science”

Bumblebee Math

Here are some ideas, sketched out, for what educators might do with the book, THE BUMBLEBEE QUEEN. 




(A mathematical look at The Bumblebee Queen by April Pulley Sayre) 



(Building number literacy and sensitivity) 


After a first read of the book, as a story, look through it again, as a math detective.

Math can help you notice things and connect facts that you see.  Continue reading “Bumblebee Math”

Bumblebee Queen activities

School Visit Activities