IN Math Standards Fulfilled by One Is a Snail

Indiana Mathematics Standards

(Why every Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade teacher in Indiana needs her/his own copy ONE IS A SNAIL, TEN IS A CRAB.)    

ONE IS A SNAIL, TEN IS A CRAB provides a fun and creative way to fulfill the standards below. For ideas on how to extend the book to fulfill standards, particularly problem solving, see the projects used by others in the educator’s section. Worksheets of related math problems are also available in the educator’s section.


Standard 1: Number Sense
Students understand the relationship between numbers and quantities up to 10, and that a set of objects has the same number in all situations regardless of the position or arrangement of the objects.
K.1.1 Match sets of objects one-to-one.
K.1.2 Compare sets of up to ten objects and identify whether one set is equal to, more than, or less than another.
K.1.3 Know that larger numbers describe sets with more objects in them than sets described by smaller numbers. Continue reading “IN Math Standards Fulfilled by One Is a Snail”

It’s My City Art Activity

Students at Harrison, in South Bend, map their community:

Students near Columbus, OH, map their neighborhood after reading It’s My City.