Go, Go, Grapes: a Fruit Chant

Rah, rah, raspberries! Go, go, grapes! Prepare yourselves. Go, Go, Grapes: a Fruit Chant will be released May 22, 2012.  I’m proud of the luscious photos, which were taken primarily at our local farmer’s market, small grocery stores in our town, and a few markets I visited on travels. Several fruit parties had to be held to munch all the fruit I purchased from friendly fruit folk!

Rah, Rah, Radishes: A Vegetable Chant

Oh boy, bok choy! Rah, Rah, Radishes: a Vegetable Chant is out in stores. (Go, Go, Grapes: a Fruit Chant will follow in May 2012.) My thanks to all of you who encouraged me to keep pursuing a home for the veggie book.  I hope it encourages kids to taste delicious vegetable words and the vegetables, too.


If You’re Hoppy

Are you feeling hoppy?  Hop hop hop. Like a rabbit? Or a kangaroo? Or a frog? If the answer is YES, this book will make you HAPPY. IF the answer is NO, this book will make you HOPPY and Happy!  Feb 22, 2011 release. Publisher website: Greenwillow

Full Book List by Category


Picture Books by April Pulley Sayre
Title Illustrator Published by Date ISBN
Vulture View Steve Jenkins Henry Holt October 2007 978-0-8050-7557-1
Bird, Bird, Bird: A Chirping Chant Gary Locke NorthWord October 2007 978-1-55971-978-0
Hush Little Puppy Susan Winters Henry Holt 2007 0-8050-7102
The Bumblebee Queen Patricia J. Wynne Charlesbridge Publishing 2005 1-57091-362-5
Trout, Trout, Trout: A Fish Chant Trip Park NorthWord Books 2004 1-55971-889-7 hb; 978-1-55971-979-7 paper
Ant, Ant, Ant: An Insect Chant Trip Park NorthWord Books 2005 1-55971-922-2
Stars Beneath Your Bed: The Surprising Story of Dust Ann Jonas Greenwillow Books 2005 0-06-057188-8
It’s My City! Denis Roche Greenwillow Books 2001 0-688-16916-3
Crocodile Listens JoEllen Stammen Greenwillow Books 2001 0-688-16504-4
Dig, Wait, Listen: A Desert Toad’s Tale Barbara Bash Greenwillow Books 2001 0-688-16614-8
One Is a Snail, Ten is a Crab Randy Cecil Candlewick Press 2003 0-7636-1406-8
Shadows Harvey Stevenson Henry Holt 2002 0-8050-6059-6
Army Ant Parade Rick Chrustowski Henry Holt 2002 0-8050-6353-6
Home At Last: A Song of Migration Alix Berenzy Henry Holt & Co. 1997 0-8050-5154-6
Noodle Man: the Pasta Superhero Stephen Costanza Orchard, an imprint of Scholastic 2002 0-439-29307-3
The Hungry Hummingbird Gay Holland Millbrook Press, now Lerner Books 2001 0-7613-1951-4
Splish! Splash! Animal Baths   Millbrook Press, now Lerner Books 2000 0-7613-1821-6
Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out! Lee Christiansen Orchard, an imprint of Scholastic 1997 0-531-30285-7 Out of Print; Being reissued soon with new illustrations
If You Should Hear a Honey Guide S.D. Schindler Houghton Mifflin 1995 Paperback 0-618-07031-1
lso available in a French edition: L’oiseau a Miel, Archimede publishing
Other Books For Readers K-4  

Title Description Published by Date  ISBN
Tropical Rain Forest A paperback photo-illustrated book for ages 7-8 Scholastic Reference   0-439-35523-0
Our Amazing Continents series  

  • G’Day, Australia!
  • Good Morning, Africa!
  • Greetings, Asia!
  • Hello, Europe!
  • Hooray for Antarctica!
  • South America, Surprise!
  • Welcome to North America!
A photo-illustrated intro to climate & landscape for grades 1-4 Millbrook Press    0-7613-2122-5

Longer Books Grades 4 & Up


Title Description Published by Date  ISBN
Secrets of Sound middle grade photo-illustrated book Houghton Mifflin Fall 2002 0-618-01514-0
El Nino and La Nina: Weather in the Headlines middle school/high school science book Twenty First Century Books   0-7613-1405-9School visit orders:
Endangered Birds: A Scientific American Sourcebook middle grade nonfiction book Twenty-First Century Books 1997 0-8050-4549-XSchool visit orders:
Put on Some Antlers and Walk Like a Moose (How Scientists, Find, Follow, and Study Animals) middle grade nonfiction book Twenty-First Century Books 1997 0-8050-5182-1 out of print
The 12-book Exploring Earth’s Biomes series  

  • Desert 
  • Temperate Deciduous Forest
  • Tropical Rain Forest
  • Coral Reef
  • River and Stream
  • Wetland
  • Ocean
  • Seashore
  • Tundra
  • Taiga
  • Lake and Pond
  • Grassland 
for grades 5-8 Twenty-First Century Books   Call:

The Seven Continents series  

  • Africa 
  • Antarctica 
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
for grades 5-8 Twenty-First Century Books    0-7613-1367-2
Hummingbirds: The Sun Catchers adult nonfiction book coauthored with her husband Jeff NorthWord Press 1996 1-55971-571-5Call: