Home At Last: A Song of Migration

Caribou, lobsters, warblers, arctic terns, and many other animals have two homes and migrate in between. Join migration creatures on their journey and rejoice when they reach their destination with the soothing refrain “home at last.” This bedtime book, which has many layers of meaning, is also a great classroom book for the study of fluency, voice, and refrain.

Hummingbirds: The Sun Catchers

A 142-page natural history book for grownups co-authored with Jeff Sayre. Full color photographs provided by a variety of photographers. The species accounts cover North American species north of Mexico.  This book discusses the biology and ecology of hummingbirds.

If You Should Hear a Honey Guide

Follow the honey guide as she leads you through the African landscape to a sweet rewared. Symbiosis, Africa, birds, zebras, bees, and honey all show up in this award-winning nonfiction picture book about the honey guide, a unique bird that has an extraordinary relationship with people.

Also available in a French edition: L’oiseau a Miel, Archimede publishing, Paris.