Inservices for Preschool and Elementary Educators

The following language and nutrition education programs are geared for early childhood educators:

Embracing Science, Nature, and Yummy Words:

This 3-5 hour workshop prepares early childhood educators read aloud techniques and introduces them to materials and methods that help them embrace nonfiction…both words and images…as a source of joy and learning for early childhood audiences.

Early Childhood Educator Workshop Highlighting Nutrition:

Rah, Rah, Radishes: Exploring Delicious Words

Join April Pulley Sayre, award-winning author of 60 books for young readers, for a word-tasting, shape-study adventure.

Embrace yummy words, science, math, and nutrition through read aloud picture books and extensions.

In this 3-5 hour workshop we will explore:

• Techniques to enliven read aloud time.

• Bouncy ways to help young children pick up the words they need to understand foods, gardening, and science.

* How to integrate the study of vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nutrition into every day early childhood activities

• How to help kids train their eyes for patterns and start science and mathematical thinking

• How to help children notice simple nonfiction patterns that help prepare them for future reading and writing

• Extension activities that bring nonfiction picture books into art, science, math, and language.

• The rain forest adventures, goofy garden experiences, publishing uh ohs, and photographic misadventures of a full time children’s book author

Come aboard. We’ll also have a time for you to share, sample, and share nutrition- and story time-related tips and activities you’ve been using in your classrooms/ early childhood centers.

The following 3 to 5 hour programs are geared for elementary educators.

Teaching Nonfiction Voice

Explore the variety and beauty of nonfiction voice through examples and exercises. Understand nonfiction expository voice and narrative voice. Learn the components of voice: point of view, tone, and style. See how word joy and playing with language can provide opportunities for voice experimentation. Find out what helps create a nurturing writing environment. Discover simple prompts that help young writers break out and vary the voice of what they are writing.

Playing With Patterns: the Joys of Nonfiction Structure

Play with the possibilities for nonfiction structure. Discover Sayre’s Nonfiction Nine: the essential elements of quality nonfiction. Explore how how patterns make nonfiction compelling and how you can use existing children’s books to model patterns for your students. Learn to identify simple essay/exposition patterns. Discover simple narrative templates—the elements of plot that can be used in biography and other kinds of nonfiction.  Find out how music, science, and art studies lay down patterns that can be translated to writing.

“DVAEYC (Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children) has received glowing reports from the participants about your presentations on Wild Words and Playing With Patterns!”  -Jill Marsceill, Conference Coordinator, DVAEYC


All-inclusive cost for 3 to 5 hour inservices/workshops:

$1600 locally, in South Bend/Mishawaka/Granger

$1800 within 40 miles of South Bend

$2000 within 100 miles of South Bend

$2500 over 100 miles from South Bend.   (3-day minimum if not in conjunction with school visits in your region.)

Book signing included in all sessions.

After school session, 1 h 15 mi, in conjunction with school visits/other appearances: $500 additional.

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