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Most of what I have to say to young writers I share during school visits and young author days. I have not yet put much of this on paper, audio, or video, but someday I hope to do so. In the meantime, my advice to young writers is very similar to my advice for older writers. After all, we are all working on the same process: expressing ourselves through words. So, be sure to read my general writing advice under the writer’s column at the bottom of the main page. Here is some further information that I hope will help you to find a home for your work.

There are several books to help you. One is:

The Market Guide for Young Writers: Where and How to Sell What You Write

by Kathy Henderson

The Young Writer’s Guide to Getting Published

by Kathy Henderson


Here are links to places where you can find out about publishing work by children and teens:

Reading Rainbow’s Writing Contest:

This site lists contests for young writers up to age 19.

A Writing Site for Kids


This is a site where kids can review books.



Here is a link to, a page where they have links to some fun bookmaking techniques such a popup book making, making a book out of a paper bag, Japanese bookbinding, and so on.


Here is a new online magazine where kids can get published:


A contest for young adult writers, ages 13-19:


The Claudia Ann Seaman poetry contest for high school students:


A site for teen writers with contests, publication possibilities, and education:


For grades 7 and up, here is a good resource site with contests and other info:

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