What’s New 2002

It’s been an exciting year. This spring, I was in a nonfiction television program produced by RIFNET, for Reading Is Fundamental volunteers. I’ve been out and about, visiting Virginia, South Carolina, California, and Panama. I spoke in my home state, at the South Carolina Association of School librarians. While in SC, I was interviewed for a program about writing produced by SCETV. Also, Noodle Man: the Pasta Superhero was read on the South Carolina Public radio station, for a program called READING WITH RACHEL. Wow, the state of South Carolina sure knows how to welcome home its own!

In March, Jeff and I were in Panama. We had great views of toucans, anteaters, and monkeys. We can’t wait to return.

Check out the article Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books Rising Star: April Pulley Sayre!

Dig, Wait, Listen: A Desert Toad Tale Fan!


Crocodile Listens

A tasty frog croaks. Delicious warthogs tromp by. Crocodile doesn’t move. She hasn’t eaten in weeks. But she only lies and listens. Crocodile has a secret hidden in the sand.

Home At Last: A Song of Migration

Caribou, lobsters, warblers, arctic terns, and many other animals have two homes and migrate in between. Join migration creatures on their journey and rejoice when they reach their destination with the soothing refrain “home at last.” This bedtime book, which has many layers of meaning, is also a great classroom book for the study of fluency, voice, and refrain.