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Reviews of April Sayre’s School Talks

“I just wanted to to tell you again how much we appreciated and enjoyed your visit today! I’ve already gotten a lot of feedback from the staff about how much they loved your presentation and how it perfectly tied into what the students have been learning in the classroom…Thanks for sharing your love of writing, science, and math with our children in Glenview!”

-Rachel Davidson, LRC Director, Henking School, Glenview, IL (K-2 School)

“The teachers and students have not stopped talking about how much they enjoyed your presentations. The teachers were especially impressed with how well you were able to read and interact with the children.”

-Sue Raben, Librarian, Lyon School, Glenview, IL

“Wow, we’ve had a lot of authors speak here, but I think you’re the best!”

-Mrs. Snyder, Librarian, Allison Elementary, Speedway, IN

“Your presentation was inspiring, informative, and highly entertaining. We still have students talking about it and I can’t keep your books on our shelves! I quote from one of our teachers: “This author was exactly what our students needed to see…an author who loves her job and doesn’t see it as just an occupation.”

-Becky Denzer, Madison Elem

“Our students are still talking about you—how words are chewy and delicious! I would love to have you come back in a few years to inspire more students about writing. Thank you for inspiring us to really take a look at our words. We loved you!”

-Jody Overdorf, Carey Ridge Elementary, Carmel, IN

“Our library recently had the pleasure of hosting a visit from author April Pulley Sayre. She did three presentations for us: one for first through third grade students, and one for fourth through sixth grade students, and one for an audience of adults and children. Ms. Sayre was equally at ease with each audience. her talks were informative and humorous and she was able to keep her audiences engaged by interacting with them throughout her program. Ms. Sayre was a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her as a speaker for your organization.”

– Anne Cottrell, Youth Services Coordinator, Alexandrian Public Library, Mt. Vernon, IN

“I just had to tell you again how much we loved your presentations to our students. They are still bubbling about them. Two 3rd grade students decided to coauthor a book on killer whales on their own time. They began their research online last evening and are comparing notes at recess. I thought you would want to know that not only can you hold an audience in the palm of your hand, you also inspire the students to greater heights.”

-Linda Wolfe, Librarian, Seven Hills School, Cincinnati, OH

“Dear Ms. Sayre, Your visit to Speas was magical. The students were mesmerized by what you had to share. We appreciate you taking time from your schedule to be with us. I see this session as paying dividends in our students’ writing ability….Thanks for being here and helping our students experience the joy of writing.”

-Kent L. Reichert, Principal, Speas Elementary, Winston-Salem, NC

“Just this morning I had a teacher comment to me how much they enjoyed your visit and presentation. (Of a month ago.) Your presentations were right on target for our students and provided them with a perfect mixture of listening and then asking you their prepared questions. The focus on nonfiction writing was a new tactic for us. I’m glad we were able to make so many new connections. You were a gracious guest for us . . .I so appreciate your willingness to “go with the flow.”  All the best to you this year!

-Joan Welsh, Librarian, Indian Hill Elementary School

“April Pulley Sayre’s presentations are like her books: wonderful blends of the scientific process and the writing process. Through the use of animal noises and slides, she helps the audience discover the world and work of a scientist in the wild. April’s love of nature and her interest in the sound of language combine to motivate students to become better writers. I highly recommend her presentations for budding authors and voracious readers of all ages.”

– Harriet Hamblin, Librarian, Tomball, TX

“April Pulley Sayre’s passion for the natural world and her enthusiasm for sharing that passion with others were evident in her presentations to the students in our school district. She tailored her vocabulary and speaking style to suit the age of her audience, while maintaining the integrity of the facts presented. She also set the stage for activities in which the students eagerly participated. The students talked about April and her presentation for weeks following her visit, their own interest in nature rekindled by her talk and fed by her books.”

– Caroline K. Downs, Middle School Science Teacher, Worland, WY

“Dear April, Thank you for taking the complexities of writing and making them understandable for our budding Mintonye writers. Your visit with our school was outstanding! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your work.”

-Kelli Bowen, Media Specialist, Mintonye Elementary, Lafayette, IN

“You were great! You had 600 middle school students with their attention glued to you for an entire hour! Your presentation was wonderful. I especially like what you said about the writing process.”

– Anne Wells, Media Specialist, Henderson, KY

“Your performance was wonderful. The kids really were focused… They were paying such close attention, it’s like they were mesmerized. It was the best author visit I’ve seen.”

– Monica Gain, Media Specialist/Technology Coordinator

“That was wonderful! There are great writers and great speakers but rarely both combined. You were both. Your program was terrific!”

-Linda Walters, teacher, Cairo Elementary, KY

“I loved her presentations! April Sayre enriches the world of non-fiction books both with her wonderfully worded books and her fantastic presentations to students. Her lectures intrigue, excite, and inspire the students.”
– Toni Scott, Librarian, Houston, TX

“April Pulley Sayre’s presentation on her nature books is to the curious reader like rain upon the desert: refreshing and long overdue. She is one of the very few authors who provides a quality non-fiction program for young readers.”
– Aileen Kirkham, Librarian, Tomball, TX

“Dear Ms. Sayre,
My third grade class and I felt like we hit the jackpot today! We really enjoyed your presentation…My students have writing books that we use daily at school, so everything that you said about writing struck a chord with us. They hear me tell them how important it is to give a reader “a movie in his mind,” so after hearing you say it, they will really believe it. We all gained so much from your talk, beginning with the beautiful sounds of nature to the reading of your books. Thanks so much for a very fun and educational day.”

-Sarah Puffenberger, 3rd Grade Teacher, Toledo, OH

“When April Sayre visited our school she provided the students with a wonderful slide show and talk about some of the fascinating nature information that she has written in her books. Our students were very attentive during her talk and they had many questions. She adjusted her talks to each grade level. April provided a memorable experience for our students.”

– Ellen Culler, Simpsonville, SC

“I enjoyed spending the day with you! I learned something new in each assembly you did. The students and staff said many good things about the day, too.”

-Lisa Morrison, Dennis East Elementary, Ohio

“I have been receiving emails from teachers at Waynesville and Clinton-Massie all saying how much they enjoyed your visit. The students have been talking about that neat lady who writes cool books. Thank you again for helping us in our mission to expose students to book creators. Perhaps you have sparked a future author or illustrator.”

-Kathy Daniels, Waynesville Public Library, Ohio

“Hi April,

I have been meaning to e-mail you to thank you for your visit.  The students and staff at Gables thouroughly enjoyed your visit.  Your presentation was wonderfully done and you geared it to the grade levels of the students so well.  Thank you for the delightful day!”

-Kim Cannon, Elementary Gifted Specialist, Columbus, OH

“Dear Ms. Sayre,

What a treat your presentation was for me as well as for our 6th graders! I love how well you connected your science and language art skills. It’s important for them to know early that perserverence will pay off (combined with a lot of patience).”

-Melissa Cleland, Summit School Winston-Salem, NC

“Our students are still talking about your visit, and your books are flying off the shelves!”

-Mary Ellen Kane, Lafayette, IN

“Thank you so much for visiting with us… At our recent staff meeting teachers were still talking about our fantastic experience…”

-Wea Ridge Elementary, Lafayette, IN

“Today is my first day back at school and I was met with wonderful, positive comments about the outstanding program you presented to our students and staff at Hamilton… Teachers are talking about how they are going to continue using the reading, writing and math ideas that they learned from you.”

-Marcia LaBelle, Curriculum Coordinator, Hamilton Traditional School, South Bend, IN

“The author was an awesome speaker. It really helps us when someone talks about how many times a piece needs editing. She talks about a topic the children enjoy. Her enthusiasm kept them going.”

“Mrs. Sayre was a great speaker. She was funny and informative. She kept the kids interested and involved. ”

“I thought the presentation was wonderful. She was very enjoyable and great at including the kids.”

“Such an exciting event! What a special treat to have such an influential guest who was both fun and informative. She created an interactive experience that the children loved.”

“I can’t believe she rattled off that peom so fast and flawlessly. Bravo!”

-Comments from anonymous, in-school evalutation forms, Frederick Douglass Elementary, Winchester, VA

“April came to James A. Allison in November and did a great job.  She actively engaged all of our students with her energetic personality.  I would highly recommend her to any school.”

Jay Bedwell, Principal, Speedway, IN
“I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about your visit. One teacher said: That’s what we need! Authors talking about the actual writing process!” Thank you! Thank you!”

– Jane Stewart, School Librarian.

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