ALA Notables: Raindrops Roll, Woodpecker Wham

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Raindrops Roll and Woodpecker Wham were both named ALA Notables! So thankful to the folks who put time and energy into serving on the ALA Notable Committee and also those on the NCTE Orbus Pictus committee, which recognized Raindrops Roll. This means a lot, encourages my work (and Steve Jenkins’ work on Woodpecker Wham), and hopefully helps readers find these books. There are lots of yummy books on the Notable List this year, check it out:

NCTE, NSTA, Kirkus Raindrops Roll

Raindrops RollFloored and thrilled that RAINDROPS ROLL was just named

An Orbis Pictus Recommended Book by NCTE, the National Council of Teachers of English. This award for the best nonfiction of 2015 considers ALL the nonfiction books, K-8. They choose a winner, five honor books, and eight recommended books. (Bronze award sticker for recommended.)

An Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2015 by NSTA, the National Science Teachers Association. I’m so excited that folks are loving not only the words but also the photos I took. I work hard to make sure my photos bring wonder and science content so their approval means a lot.

One of the 12 Best Informational Picture Books of the year according to Kirkus.  It’s also honored in what is my favorite award category name ever:  The Best Picture Books For the Sense-of-Wonder Shelf, again by Kirkus. Doesn’t every library and classroom and home need a “Sense-of-Wonder” shelf?  Isn’t that what’s it all about? I’m going to rush out and read the other titles, fiction and nonfiction. As many of you know, even when I was college I identified my goal in life as “helping people feel a sense of wonder in nature.”  Feels like life moment achieved that my book fit in such a category.


What’s New 2008

This has been a great year. VULTURE VIEW was named a Theodor Geisel Honor book by the American Library Association.

See the lovely Geisel Honor Sticker?
See the lovely Geisel Honor Sticker?

This relatively new award is named after Dr. Seuss and it honors both the text and illustrations of books geared for children beginning to read. I am thrilled and so happy for my work to be paired with the great illustrations done by Steve Jenkins. I attended the ALA national conference in Anaheim to accept the Honor Award.   Continue reading “What’s New 2008”

Mockingbird Award Nominee, Abilene, Texas

Trout Are Made of Trees and Vulture View have been nominated for the Mockingbird Award, a reading program of the Abilene Independent School District, Abilene, Texas. What a great program. Each spring they nominate books and readers district-wide vote on them.  

If you are interested in quality read aloud books, take a look a their current and past nominees. Really, it’s a choice list for anyone doing story hours or studying the read aloud form.

What’s New 2007

2007 promises to be a big year, packed with school visits, conference appearances, and three yummy new books:

March Release: HUSH LITTLE PUPPY, illustrated by Susan Winters (Holt) This is a beautiful bedtime book about a little boy trying to get his puppy to sleep. The art by British illustrator Susan Winter is just perfect. 

October Release: BIRD, BIRD, BIRD: A CHIRPING CHANT illustrated by Gary Locke (NorthWord) Gary created art that is laugh out loud hilarious. Continue reading “What’s New 2007”